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Eng 회사 소식

Eng 회사 소식

New slider lift video uploaded on Youtube
(주) 대덕아이엠티 | 23-02-23 10:11 | 조회수 : 382
Eng 회사 소식

  • 관련링크 https://youtu.be/JOdTL7PyN44 299회 연결
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    Dimt has released a new slider-type tail lift. It is different from another slider type of Dimt.

    The new slider tail lift also applies to trucks 5ton and above 11 tonnes, but especially has the advantage of being mounted on trucks with a low height between the lower of the main beam and the ground.

    Please check and review it.

    Video is in here, "click"

    Question and inquiry : wtchoi@dimt.co.kr 

    Best regards & Thanks